We’re still better than you 😏🔥 #ootd

Squad? The incomplete set but you’re still not worthy 😈🔥 #ootd

Chima. All about that drama. Might f××k yo mamma. Shootin up like Osama. Dutty like Ian Conna. #Ootd #l3nf

(Insert song lyrics here) or something like that…🙅filly. #ootd

@shawn_a_11 “I got hair on my nipples” @mte_youngin @kylexscott

😱 D.A.R.E to resist…

Soo we are the weirdest #ACADEC team…ever. @michigan_slim_sean on the flute and Tim on the Didgeridoo…@jay_nozee on the….table….😂😩✋

He asked me if I work out and I said yeah, sometimes. His response was “that ain’t cute.” I laughed in his face though, YOU MAD CAUSE I HAVE A BETTER BODY THAN YOU?! 😂💪 #fitness

Dare to resist drugs and violence…or nah 🙅😚💨 #Marley

Michael B. Jordan signing autographs in NYC - Jan. 20, 2014


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